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The Wholehearted Living Meetup

Wholehearted Living Meetup – Online

Wholehearted Living Meetup is a group for women interested in daring greatly, living wholeheartedly and being a member of a courageous, compassionate and connected community. During this monthly meetup, we explore key elements to living a wholehearted life, as outlined in Brené Brown’s book, “The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are”.

We meet monthly online, via Zoom. Our goal is to practice what it means to embrace our imperfections and live from a place of internal worthiness. As we discuss Brené Brown’s 10 Guidepost for Wholehearted Living, we create a community based on the shared values of trust, compassion, connection and laughter.

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Find all the details on the Meetup page, such as when we meet and which guidepost we are discussing each month. Cost is $10 per meeting. Come when you can, but sign-up and RSVP on the Meetup Page:

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Living the Wholehearted Life: Process Group

Monthly Group Coaching and Accountability

This process group goes way beyond the Wholehearted Meetup, by offering monthly group coaching and accountability, as well as monthly Dig Deeper Exercises and Art Journal exercises.

This is a safe place to practice vulnerability and authenticity, as each participant strives to practice each Wholehearted Guidepost and explores what gets in the way. Using the coach process, creativity, reading and exploratory exercises, you will cultivate these practices into your daily life.

The Wholehearted Living Process Group is an ongoing 12-month program.

Group Includes:

  • 90-Minute Monthly Coaching Group
  • 90-Minute Monthly Wholehearted Meetup
  • The Gifts of Imperfection™ Art Journaling Workbook, by Brené Brown
  • Practicing the Wholehearted Life Exercise Workbook, by Dale Falini
  • Access to the private Facebook Group: Flourish

Additional Information

Participants are asked to have their own copy of the book, Gifts of Imperfection, by Brené Brown, prior to the start of the first group.

If you truly want to let go of the person you thought you were supposed to be and embrace who you are… this group is for you!

Interested In Participating?

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