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Designed For More

Life Beyond Limits

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Let Me Ask You A Question

Do you ever feel stuck, not enough, or alone in life?

Do you wonder if there is more meaning, connection and purpose to life?

Are you afraid to show your true self for fear of what others will think?

Have you failed in life before or are so afraid of failing that you stay stuck?

You Are Designed For More

If so, take a deep breath, know you’re worthy, and stick around to learn more. I believe you are designed for so much more in life than you’ve ever been able to imagine! Sometimes we just need a little help to see our value more clearly. But I know it’s there! You are so much more than what you may feel or believe right now. If you are yearning for more meaning, connection and joy, you just have to discover what gets in the way. I am here to walk with you through this journey of discovering all you are designed to be!

Together, we will first identify the beliefs that are preventing you from achieving what you want from life, where they came from, and how to move beyond them. It can be hard work, and you’ll need to dig deep and rumble with some hard issues. But… there is freedom in letting go of all the baggage, discovering who you are, and the worth you have!

We have all tried and failed to get past our limitations. In my own life, I couldn’t get past the scarcity issues of not being enough, never measuring up, or being too afraid to fail. It wasn’t until I learned what core issues were crippling me, and keeping me trapped, and how to break through them, that I began to move forward. I developed a plan to be resilient when the same issues came back around. Through the process, you’ll experience a deep sense of who you are and the confidence to show up in the world and be seen and known, just as you are! What you’ve done, haven’t done, or what’s been done to you – none of that matters. It doesn’t matter how far you have fallen or if you’ve been too scared to take a risk at all. Your story is safe here. It matters. Because, you matter.

Discover 5 Truths About You!

We do not always see ourselves clearly for who we really are. More often than not, our vision is faulty when it comes to seeing our true selves. We need some correction in our vision to accurately see who we are and what we have to share with the world.

If you want to know more about how you can start seeing yourself for who you truly are, click the button below to learn more!

Discover Your 5 Truths!

So… Why Should I Trust You?

At my core, I believe in the inherent worth of everyone. Throughout the last 40 years, I have heard a lot of stories of struggles and nothing has made me change that belief. You won’t either! The worth and value that you hold within you is enough, right now! Not when you fix the order in your life or when you have accomplished more, but today!

Let’s Go On This Journey Together

Confidentiality and privacy can be expensive commodities in today’s world, but thankfully your story is safe here with me. Although I do not practice as a counselor, I uphold the counseling ethics of holding and maintaining confidentiality. Your story will not only be kept safe, it will be respected and validated like it deserves to be.